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Christian | Female | Mid-tempo

Verse 1

I took a long walk through the corners of my mind,

just making sure everything was fine

I counted one and two (too) many things were taking up my time, with You

So call me crazy, call me reckless, but I can’t keep living like this



Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary;

Pure and holy, tried and true

With thanksgiving, I’ll be a living,

Sanctuary for You


Verse 2 

In the sea of life, I get caught up in the current easily, and forget priorities

I stumble over pride; there’s always way too much of me and not enough of You

So call me crazy, call me reckless, but I can’t keep living like this




Jesus set me free and calls me precious,

Gave me life through His own death

I owe Him my life

So call me crazy, call me reckless,

But I choose to live my life His way


I support Eden Ministry!


A ministry I am very blessed to be involved with is Eden Ministry.  You can find their jewelry at my merchandise table, or you can look at their store online HERE.  

Eden began in a very simple way: two housewives with only one evening a week to spare had a desire to do something about human trafficking in their city. They began to prayer-walk around the red light areas and build relationships with all those involved in the sex industry. The vision was to bring God’s love to everyone involved in the sex industry and to see them set free. Twelve years later, they have created multiple shelters in major trafficking hubs in Asia, established an international jewelry business and witnessed thousands of people from the sex industry be impacted with God’s love.  Using their international jewelry business as a platform, they provide career and skill training - empowering women for a new life and future. They continually innovate prevention and outreach programs- transforming entire communities. Eden is a voice to the oppressed, a light to the darkness.