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Build a Wall

Build a Wall
Christian | Female | Ballad

 Verse 1

Been trying really hard not to build a wall

And trying not to break or fall apart

But with every blow its getting harder

To stand up tall against the wind



But when I got a Leader Who’s stronger than me,

Who will take my hand and secure my feet,

On solid ground

When I got a Savior Who protects my heart,

Who will hold me close when Ive gone too far,

Why would I look around?

‘Cause with Someone like Him, Who’s there through it all,

I don’t need to build a wall


Verse 2

I tried real hard to stand on my ow.

I thought that I could figure out how to get home,

But now that I sit here alone,

I realize all my strength will never be strong enough




A Mighty Fortress, is our God

I will take refuge in You, God

‘Cause You stand strong and tall

In You, Jesus, I will fall


I support Eden Ministry!


A ministry I am very blessed to be involved with is Eden Ministry.  You can find their jewelry at my merchandise table, or you can look at their store online HERE.  

Eden began in a very simple way: two housewives with only one evening a week to spare had a desire to do something about human trafficking in their city. They began to prayer-walk around the red light areas and build relationships with all those involved in the sex industry. The vision was to bring God’s love to everyone involved in the sex industry and to see them set free. Twelve years later, they have created multiple shelters in major trafficking hubs in Asia, established an international jewelry business and witnessed thousands of people from the sex industry be impacted with God’s love.  Using their international jewelry business as a platform, they provide career and skill training - empowering women for a new life and future. They continually innovate prevention and outreach programs- transforming entire communities. Eden is a voice to the oppressed, a light to the darkness.